Our story

“Happy Farms”was founded in 2003 as a result of Amigo’s supermarkets need for medicinal plants and produce. Back then, the trend in Puerto Rico was to sell decorative plants in small pots, but medicinal plants and produce was not offered in pots.

We started supplying our products to one supermarket in the whole chain. The idea was successful that we immediately became the main supplier of medicinal plants in the beautiful archipelago of Puerto Rico.

We will always be thankful to the Amigo’s chain for offering that amazing opportunity and now look forward to offer the flavors and aromas of Borinquen to the millions of Hispanics and Pacific Islanders that may be missing the distinctive flavor of our spices in their recipes. The strong flavor of the Mexican coriander (recao, chardon béni, or ngò gai,) is preserved in an excellent package to keep its aroma and flavor.

Thank you for letting us share our story.


Tomás III Alemán


Happy Farms